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Earlier this year, I decided to live in an extremely remote rural village in Ethiopia without electricity or clean water.

I’d heard a gut-wrenching story about a 13-year-old girl who committed suicide after walking 8 hours each day for dirty water, and I wanted to learn more about her life and story. I wanted to walk in her footsteps to the water source, and meet the people who loved and knew her.

While I travel a ton for charity: water (95 flights in 2012), I’m almost always somewhere with power in the evenings to charge my gear. But living in this village would be different – as just to get there, I’d need to hike 9-hours over mountains from where the road ended.

I needed to keep a bunch of gear charged (Macbook Air, Satellite BGAN Unit, Sat Phone, Iphone, Camera, etc) and learned about this bag.

Voltaic was kind enough to donate it to charity: water, and I was incredibly happy with it, as it generated enough power to keep me going for the week I was there, and took quite a beating.

You can charge your devices directly, or use the slim battery provided. Every adaptor I needed was included with the bag as well. It also is designed either to fit a MacBook Air (in the front), or a bigger MacBook Pro (or other laptop computer) in the back.

While I did get one for free, I felt it was more than worth the price and if it’s out of your budget, Voltaic also has options for smaller and less expensive bags and panels …

PS. If you’re interested in seeing the photos or hearing more about the story from Meda, Ethiopia, I shared the experience here:


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